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Remote Car Starters

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Warm Up and Cool Down

Remote car starters are a convient and effcient way to start your vehicle and optimize the interior temperature before you get in and drive. The staff at F/X Audio are industry leading experts in the installation of remote car starters in all types of vehicles, including newer push-to-start (keyless) vehicles, manual transmission vehicles and even electric and hybrid vehicles. If you appreciate a comfortable interior temperature the second you enter your car, you will love all the options F/X Audio offers you to remotely start your vehicle.

Remote Starters are not just for Winter

While many people whom own remote car starters can identify with the need during colder winter months, a remote starter can also be very useful during the hotter summer months. Since the ultimate goal is to optimize the interior temperature before you get in and drive, many of our customers use them pretty much all year round. For vehicles with gas or diesel engines, the added benefit is to warm the engine to achieve better acceleration and performance, sometimes even extending engine life versus driving away from a cold start. Remote starters are especially useful for short trips where the duration of the travel may not allow the interior to heat or cool adequately. Overall a remote car starter is a safe and convenient way to maximize your time of comfort behind the wheel instead of waiting for the interior to reach your ideal temperature.

Not Just Convenience, Safety Too

F/X Audio's industry leading experts ensure that your remote starter has all of the important safety features correctly connected and configured. If your vehicle is started and someone gains unauthorized entry, the vehicle shuts down as soon as the brake pedal is engaged or put into gear. The system is also inhibited from remote starting if the hood is open so that, for example, someone servicing the engine will not be in harms way. Additional inputs from various other systems in the vehicle are also monitored so that the vehicle does not over rev the motor or run too long. Our remote starter safety standards meet or exceed the industry standards.

Modern Computerized Cars, No Problem

Our customers appreciate F/X Audio's up-to-date solutions and innovative installation practices that allow even the most modern and complex 'computerized' vehicles to have a remote car starter installed. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Audi, Porsche, Range Rover or any number of other complex vehicles are all well within F/X Audio's area of remote car starter expertise.

Let F/X Audio Show You Their Difference

F/X Audio's industry leading in-house remote car starter experts are able to assist you in choosing the right remote starter for you and your vehicle. Stop by and visit them today and learn all about remote car starters that can be controlled from your factory key fob to your smartphone. Remote car starters at F/X Audio are always installed to the highest stardard. Remmber, at F/X Audio remote car starter installations are done only one way. "THE RIGHT WAY!"

A Couple Reasons To Choose F/X Audio

1. Quality Remote Starter Products - F/X Audio will never sacrifice quality for a lower price. We only install the most reliable, best performing products available. Our reputation hinges on that.

2. F/X Audio Connections - Our industry leading installation experts uses connections for our wiring that meets or exceeds that of a vehicle manufacturer. We solder all of our connections, not some cheap plastic crimp connector. If your vehicle was designed to last for years, and it wasn't built with crimp connectors, why would you want to use a shop that does.

"No Problems
Only Solutions"

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