This is a one of a kind hand built custom 1969 Camro SS

Here is a picture of the car itself.

69 Camro

Here is a picture of the engine bay.

69 Camaro engine bay

Here is a shot of the interior of the Camaro from the drivers side. Home link mirror with compass and exterior temperature.

Custom center console with a double din Alpine IVA-W505. Relocated e brake in the center console.

69 Camaro Drivers Side Interior Picture

A closer look at the custom center console with the Alpine IVA-W505.

Sub volume control knob and the main control for the Escort 9500ci radar detector.

69 Camaro Custom Center Console Double Din Alpine IVA-W505 Mount

Close up picture of the drivers kick panel with the Dynaudio 3 way component set.

Drivers Kick Panel

Picture of the passenger side kick panel with the Dynaudio 3 way component set.

Passenger Kick Panel

Picture of some of the wiring that we ran thoughout the car.

Wires run in the car

Custom Subwoofer enclosure with 2 JL Audio 8w7 woofers and custom mounting brackets.

The Custom Vented Subwoofer Cabinet fo the Car

Here is a view of the custom sub enclosure in the car. Notice how the woofers and ports are all aligned with the openings.

Custom Sub Enclosure mounted in the car

Amp rack ventalation fans.

amp rack ventalation fans

Custom amp rack in the building stage.

Amp Rack Layout

Custom amp rack before any paint.

Amp Rack Layout

Close up picture of the trunklid hinge opening.

rear trunk hinge slotted panel

Custom rear panel in the trunk. The entire rear panel has no fibreglass or wood.

rear trunk panel

The finished trunk before we put the plexi glass amp rack cover on.

Finished trunk and amp rack

The finished trunk and amp rack.

Finished trunk with amp rack