Here is some pics of a 2008 Acura RDX that we did.


Here is a picture of what the hatch area looked like before we started our build.

08 Acura RDX Factory Hatch Area


Here is a picture of the beginning stages of construction of the subwoofer enclosure.


Sub Box Construction


Here are some after pictures of what the hatch looked like.


Amp rack and sub box



Amp Rack



Wire Guides



Front Amp Rack



Amp Rack and sub box angle view


And here is a picture of the factory tweeter pod that was in the door


Factory Tweeter pod drivers door


Here is a picture of the one that we fabricated


Custom Drivers door tweeter pod


We also did some sound damping in the doors here is what it looked like before.


factory door panel no matting


Here is the completed picture with a properly done complete sound barrier heated molded to the vehicle.


Door with Sound deadener