2003 Maserati Spider


2003 Maseradi Spider


Custom sub enclosure we built for the car.


Custom Sub Enclosure


Here it is installed comfortably between the only two seats in the car.


Sub Enclusre installed in between the seats of the car


Here is a side view of the sub box installed in the car.


Side View of Custom Sub box between front seats of Maseradi


Here is a picture of the factory lower half of the door and the one that we fabricated.

Pay attention to the details. Including the mounts for the factory screw mounts.


Factory lower section door panel and custom fabricated one


Here is a look at the factory door panel before we installed the new custom lower panels.


Factory Maseradi Door Panel


Here is a picture of the lower door panels installed with a 3-way Dynaudio component set.


Maseradi Custom Door Panel


Here is a closer look at the door panel on the door.


Close up look at the finished and installed door panel


And last but not least the custom amp install in the trunk of the vehicle.

Notice how no floor space was used. In a convertible space is crucial.


Custom Amp Rack Trunk of Maseradi